Indoor Football League Rules

  1.  4-a-side – Teams of four players including a goalkeeper. Six players is the recommended number of players per squad per game however seven are allowed. Futsal, 5-a-side – Teams of five inc. a goalkeeper up to 12 players in the squad. These players must wear a uniformed colour.
  2. Teams who are short of players on the day may borrow a player but only if they play in a lower division on that evening. Bottom division teams may borrow players from the same division. Any team which borrows players from a higher division may forfeit the game 0-5, the organiser makes the final decision regarding borrowed players-if he feels the players are not suitable then alternative players must be used.
  3. All players play at their own risk and the Sports Connexion recommends that players take out personal insurance.
  4. No jeans, dangerous footwear or headgear to be worn.
  5. The team fee per game must be paid at reception before the game. You must give your receipt to the referee before the game begins.
  6. We do have to change times of fixtures and or rearrange postponed fixtures with adequate notice. When the team contact is informed of any changes you must tell us at that point if our request is not possible. Otherwise we shall confirm the changes and it may not be possible to reverse. Therefore cancellation fee/s apply if your team are unable to fulfil the changes agreed.
  7. If your team cannot play or require a particular time you must inform Ben Or Barry at least 7 days (168 hours) before in order to rearrange to the fixture. This applies for every week of the year covering cup week, add on week, start of the new season and when you may not be sure of your kick off time in advance. You must obtain the staff members full name or the cancellation will be void in the event of a dispute. In the extreme case your team has to cancel a fixture, if less then 7 day notice is given your team will have to pay a late cancellation fee of the full league price over the phone by credit/debit card and you will forfeit 0-5, however we shall try to postpone the fixture to play at a later date. If the match is postponed and rearranged the cancellation fee will be reduced to a friendly price.
  8. If your scheduled opponents cancel in advance and the fixture is to be postponed we contact your manager offer the team a friendly game which you must pay for as well as paying for the rearranged fixture. Rule 7 also applies In this case.
  9. If your opponents do not turn up, cancel late or your opponents have left the league a friendly game will be arranged for the present team who shall win 5-0 by default. You must still pay the normal game fee to obtain a game and win.
  10. Affiliated teams can play regular/one off friendlies on any night for only £10.00 call Ben 02476307170/ 02476306155 or email [email protected]
  11. Your league opponent can change at any time without notice to you.
  12. League tables are updated weekly and are posted on the designated notice boards.
  13. To leave the league: Written notice of one month with cancellation fees due if less than one month’s notice is given.
  14. Any team owing money will have league fixtures reduced to non league £10 matches without notice to clear any outstanding money.