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Get energized and pumped up on one of our four indoor cricket fields! Play with mates or practice on your own, Sports Connexion provides a range of options for the average Cricket lover. Reconnect with old friends or take up a new hobby with your partner, our indoor cricket field is one of the best in the Warwickshire area.

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Sports Connexion features two squash courts for your convenience. Whether you need a space for you and your personal trainer, or would rather have a quick game to yourself before work, Sports Connexion is the place to go. Our squash courts are regularly cleaned to ensure a professional and clean space to play.

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Play Badminton throughout the year! Our facility has 9 indoor badminton courts, so guests can engage in a number of matches, set in one hour slots. Play a round with a close friend or rally your mates for a match, our badminton courts accommodate any group of individuals. Badminton racquets are also available for hire.

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Find out more for you, your child, or your partner about coming and taking part in the indoor netball leagues we run at Sports Connexion Leisure Club. Available for all ages from 7 to 70! We’re one of the only sports facilities in Warwickshire offering a state-of-the-art Indoor Netball Field & League Systems.

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Play football year round in our Warwickshire-based Indoor Football Field or join one of our leagues! Our coaches specialize in improving each student’s performance in football, no matter the age. Let us help find the right league for you. Our Indoor Football Leagues are intense, determined & fun!

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Futsal is a modified version of football, played with a smaller amount of players on each side, typically five on a team. Our Futsal Program is great for learning team-building skills, bonding with others & great exercise, too! Futsal is a wonderful hobby for children & adults alike.